Our People

Phil Jackson

With over 25 years of butchering under his belt Phil kicked of his career in 1990 with a bang as the 1st Place winner in the William Angliss Victorian Work Skills Competition and the youngest appointed meat manager in Victoria for what was then known as Safeway.  However, wasn’t long before Phil knew that his passion lay in a more personal style of service and he moved from working in supermarkets to butcher shops.

Phil Jackson

It’s been a long time coming but now at Karve It Up Phil has his own play ground where he is able to deliver his own style of precision butchering that encompasses presentation, value and aspiration to deliver the highest quality produce he can source.

With his partner Nicola as the cook in the duo Phil understands that the ingredients are the foundation and all the hard work in the kitchen can be futile if the foundation isn’t there.

Together they choose grass fed, naturally bred and free range produce because they recognise that healthy animal welfare leads to happy animals and happy animals is not only an important part of today’s society but a vital part of flavourful and tender meat.

Nicola Baaini

It’s been 25 years of business management experience for Nicola from high level corporate management through to owning and running several successful small & medium sized business’ including a business coaching business.  Nicola’s passion for the food industry started in her teenage years working in a commercial kitchen and continued when in 2002 she opened one of the first café’s in Victoria to serve and sell gluten free products.

Nicola Baaini

Nicola’s desire for grass fed, naturally bred and free range produce is not only about the welfare of the animal but also as an avid cook the belief that ethically farmed meat is a solid foundation to any recipe.  However, it goes much deeper than that for Nicola – Nicola’s heartfelt passion is about the number of food intolerances faced in today’s community and respecting and understanding people’s need and choices around a food lifestyle that maintains their optimum health and enjoyment day to day.

Together with Phil they work together to deliver a range that is of the highest standard and that aims to remove the challenge and frustration often faced when looking for distinctive produce.

When asked what keeps them going through the long hours that go with running a business, Phil and Nicola said:

“We experience such delight the minute we see the relief on someone’s face when they come in and realise they now have choices they never had before; but we are ecstatic when people come by the counter for no other reason than to say ‘thank you’ – ‘thank you for that amazing piece of ….. it was so worth it! – we will definitely be back’.  That’s what makes all the hard work worth while”

Safe to say that not only are Nicola and Phil passionate about their produce – but they are passionate about their customers too!