Gluten Free

Sausages, bread, pies, pastas, sweets, marinades, sauces and ready made meals all gluten free, not to mention the benefits of our grass fed beef – it’s your gluten free one stop shop!

fructose free sausages

MostĀ of our sausages are made without gluten, onion and garlic and enjoyed by many who suffer from food intolerances

lewis and son smallgoods

Lewis & Son charcuterie are all gluten free and have no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, or phosphates

Gluten Free Bread

Stockists of Caffe Strada award winning Gluten Free Bread


Have a look at our stocks, sauces and marinades page for all your gluten free accompaniments

gluten free gourmet range

You won’t even think it’s gluten free with this delectable range of muffins, lamingtons and cheesecakes

gluten free pizzas

Gluten Free pizza, topped and on the table in 12 minutes!

totally gluten free

Totally Gluten Free – pies, donuts, arancini, gnocchi, dim sims and dumplings

fodmapped range

The fodmapped range includes soups, sauces and curries to make cooking a breeze.