Q: What are the benefits of grass fed?

A: When cattle are completely grass fed and finished, rather than grain fed, the meat:

1. Is approximately 65% lower in total fat.
2. Is higher in beta-carotene
3. Has higher levels of Vaccenic Acid, which convert to CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
4. Has 3-5 times the level of CLA, believed to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease & diabetes
5. Has 3 times more vitamin E
6. Has 60% more Omega-3 fatty acids and a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids
7. Is lower in trans fats & saturated fats
8. Contains more of the antioxidants Selenium & Zinc

Q: I can get grass fed at the supermarket for cheaper

A: Have you compared our price per kilo to the supermarket – we are usually cheaper! Did you also know that most grass fed bought through supermarkets is finished on grain for 100 – 180 days of it’s life (called a feed lot) – that’s nearly 6 months!

We are 100% certified grass fed and grass finished – that’s no grain PLUS we are non rinsed.

Q: Why don’t you have organic meat

A: Organic, doesn’t necessarily mean happy animals – we like happy animals! Our produce is still antibiotic and hormone free without being certified as organic.

Q: What is non rinsed?

A:  In simple terms non rinsed means that the animal is not flushed with a solution of water, sugar, salt and electrolyte during the slaughtering process. Rinsing technology results in a moisture gain in the meat, although this retained moisture level is compliant with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) standards of less than .5% for retained moisture.

We choose and prefer non rinsed because it is our belief and experience that non rinsed product has a better flavour and texture and produces less shrinkage and better results when cooking, especially in cuts such as mince, stir fry and diced. We think it’s one of the reasons why our customers are saying our meat reminds them of the way meat used to taste 30 years ago!

Q: I heard that you have products suitable for food intolerances?

A: Absolutely we do! One thing we understand is that more and more people need food free of allergens. For some that is a medical necessity and for others a lifestyle choice. Whatever the reason we have a wide range of gluten free, dairy free, onion and garlic free, egg free, soy free, preservative free and sulphite and nitrate free products.

Q: You say that everything you have is diet friendly – but you sell sausages and sausages are full of nasties!

A: Good news for you then ☺ Our sausages are hand made by us here on the premises. Our regular thin sausages are on average 85% lean, using our free range beef, use a meal free from gluten, dairy, soy, egg, onion, garlic and are low preservative (and we even have a preservative free version). Our gourmet sausages (eg chicken spinach & pinenut) are hand mixed and use only natural ingredients – even the stock we use in them has been made by us, simmered for 8 hours using our free range chicken.
Tell me what is ‘nasty’ about any of that?

Q: My friend told me that you make everything on site – is that true?

A: Yes, as well as our sausages, all our burgers, koftas, rissoles, meatloaf, sausage rolls, pasties etc are hand made on site. All our crumbing is hand done daily, using real eggs and not a powdered egg wash. Our prepared and heat n serve meals are made by us on site.

Q: Can you custom make things according to our dietary requirements?

A: Yes, we can custom make sausages, gluten free schnitzels, sausage rolls, hamburgers and other items. Minimum orders may apply, but please ask us how we can help.

Q: Other butchers I go to sell their lamb cutlets, racks, shancks, schnitzels etc as an “each” price. Why won’t you?

A: We abide by the law set out by the National Trade Measurement Regulations Act 2009, which makes it illegal to sell meat as an ‘each’ price. You can see more about that law here.

In addition, it is our belief that selling by a kg price is the fairest way for you to buy meat

Lets look at an example:

A crumbed chicken schnitzel being sold at 4 for $20 vs Chicken Schnitzel at $19.99 per kilo

When all in a meat tray on display, for most people a 50 gram difference is not visible to the eye (in fact 100gms is not that noticeable on some items) and so it appears that you are purchasing 4 schnitzels the same size. However a schnitzel could weigh between 200gm – 250gm – no two are the same.

If you were to buy 4 x 200gm schnitzels at $19.99kg it would cost you $15.99
If you happened to get 2 schnitzels at 200gm and 2 at 250gm it would cost you $17.99

All of a sudden the 4 for $20 isn’t as great a bargain as it first appeared….. wouldn’t you much rather pay for exactly what you get?

If you are being charged an each price please make sure that the kilo price is visible or that you ask what the kilo price is.

Q: Why do some of your items say “ingredients used in this product are free from gluten” and not just say ‘Gluten Free’?

A: In our environment we have normal breadcrumbs floating around and some other items that we use in production that contain gluten. That means that we are unable to ensure that we are a totally gluten free environment and so to say we are “gluten free’ is misleading and could potentially make someone sick.

Q: I am a Coeliac – is it safe to consume your products?

A: The items that we bring in pre-packaged are totally safe from cross contamination. However the items that we produce ourselves (ie schnitzels, burgers, sausages) really depends on your sensitivity – for some people it takes a crumb for a severe reaction and others can eat a biscuit and only get an upset tummy.

We take every care as part of our daily procedures to keep benches scraped and wiped down of breadcrumbs etc and regular crumbed products in our case are wrapped. None of our customers have had an issue with cross contamination – but we still advise you to make a decision about the suitability for your circumstances and allergy sensitivity.