Karve Advent – Our Countdown to Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we are heading into a time of celebration, family and food.

Christmas is linked with presents and gift giving – which I like to think is inspired by kindness and love towards others. Around now is when people start to countdown the days to Christmas with Advent calendars. “Advent” means the expected arrival of an important event and it is believed that the first Advent Calendar was hung in 1839. Gerhard Lang is credited with inventing todays version of the Advent calendar which started as 24 coloured pictures that could be fixed to a piece of cardboard and then years later progressed to the idea of 24 little doors that were opened every day.

The modern version that we know involves opening a door every day to reveal a little treat or prize and the number of days left until Christmas Eve.

So why is this important to us and most importantly for you?

That’s because we have decided that we are going to countdown the days to Christmas with our own version of Advent. Starting December 1st, we are going to open our doors every day with a gift for you – every day until Christmas Eve. There will be specials and giveaways every day and some fantastic thank you promotions for our loyalty club members.

The gift for the day will be posted on our facebook page and in the store, every morning as we open the door for another day….and we would love you to continue the spirit of giving by sharing it with all your friends and family.

At this time of year where it’s all too easy to feel tired, stressed and get impatient and grumpy with others, we hope that we can bring a little bit of sunshine to every day. I hope that you enjoy this time of year and walk with gratitude for all that we have every day for today is the present, and it’s the best present of all!